What a great team we are blessed with! Yesterday I was supposed to be scheduled with a full book of patients. Calendars however became confused and I came to the realization the night before that all of my patients had been rescheduled and that Dr. O’Connor had instead been scheduled to work the entire day. Needless to say I was none too happy with this turn of events for several reasons most important of which was the fact that I had recently had some time off and Dr.O’Connor had to cover for me and I was about to leave for a weeks vacation and again Dr. O’Connor was going to have to do the heavy lifting while I was gone.

Well, I reset my mind and my attitude and decided that I could use the time to do some long-delayed work on activities to build the practice. I had a long list of tasks that were likely to take the entire day and beyond. Some of those activities were best accomplished at the office, so I went to my cubby hole and closed the door with every intention of accomplishing my work quickly and then “getting out o Dodge”.

As almost always happens, our team found me and told me that a patient on whom we had previously initiated root canal therapy and was waiting to deliver her baby had called and was in a lot of pain. Since I was leaving for a week and was totally booked long into the future, it was going to be several weeks into the future before she could be seen. My initial reaction was, “No. I’ve got a lot of other things planned now and don’t have time.” I’m dense, but I finally remembered why we do what we do and agreed to see the patient. All of the staff members rearranged their lunch schedules to make it happen and the patient was simply ebullient in her appreciation and couldn’t stop telling us how much she appreciated our working her in.

In the meantime, another patient called stating that she had lost her temporary crowns and was leaving for the Cayman Islands. When we agreed to see her to insert her permanent crowns, she said that she had won the lottery, and kept thanking us over and over.

We work extended hours seeing patients from 7 AM to 7PM. At no time have our staff ever complained about staying late or working emergency patients into the schedule. Some of them have to travel long distances and the weather can frequently be challenging but they never ever even bat an eye about staying as long as we have to to make sure the patients are cared for. It hasn’t always been this way and I’m not sure that I ever thank them often enough for all that they do. We truly are fortunate to work with such a wonderful group of people.

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