tension-headache-208x300It’s very common to grind your teeth from time to time in response to stress, anxiety and anger.

If it only happens occasionally, teeth grinding, also called bruxism, shouldn’t cause any harm to your teeth.

But if you grind your teeth on a regular basis, it can damage your teeth and cause jaw problems and other oral health issues.

Often, it can be hard to tell if you grind your teeth every day, because regular grinding frequently happens during sleep. If you wake up with a dull headache or aching jaw, these can be signs that you’re grinding. You can also make an appointment with us to examine your mouth and teeth for signs of bruxism, like chips, cracks and excessive wear patterns on certain teeth.  

If your teeth and jaw are being damaged by grinding, here are six expert tips to help you stop the grind and get a restful night’s sleep:

  1. Reduce stress. Easier said than done, but stress is typically a top cause of grinding.
  2. Get more sleep. Poor sleep quality contributes to grinding. Go to bed earlier, stop screen time two hours before bed, and keep your bedroom cool.
  3. Minimize chewing gum and stop chewing other objects like pens or your nails. This repetitive chewing motion during the day can continue at night while you’re asleep.
  4. Take a minute to consciously relax the muscles in your face and jaw several times a day.
  5. Avoid alcohol and caffeine, which can make you jumpy and tense. Studies show both increase the urge to clench and grind.
  6. Use a night guard. While a night guard may not stop bruxism, it is a fail-proof way to stop the damage this behavior does to your teeth. At High Peaks, we can fit you for custom night guard that is made to the exact specifications of your mouth and bite.

If you’re grinding your teeth, or suspect you might be, make an appointment for an evaluation so we can help you.

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