Dr. William P. Caldon, D.M.D., co-owner of Plattsburgh’s High Peaks Dental, sheds light on reasons even healthy teeth may feel sensitive from time to time and how to develop healthy habits that keep teeth looking and feeling great.

Plattsburgh, NY — Dec. 14, 2015 — Renowned Plattsburgh dentist Dr. William Caldon published a new article entitled “How to Beat Secret Tooth Sensitivity Culprits.” In the article, he discusses why teeth might feel sensitive even if a patient’s teeth are in perfect condition, advising those with chronic tooth sensitivity to speak directly to a dentist about any pain rather than relying on over-the-counter products to solve the issue at hand.

Says Caldon, “There’s nothing less pleasant than tooth sensitivity—except, perhaps, not knowing how to fix it. For those in good oral health, sensitivity to heat and cold can seem like a mystery. But despite regular check-ups and a flawless routine of daily brushing and flossing, exposure to hot or cold beverages or other stimuli can still cause no small amount of discomfort for some people.

So if you’re doing everything right but you’re still in pain, what’s left to do?

Dr. Caldon has been a co-owner of High Peaks Dental since 1996 after serving in the United States Air Force for 20 years and retiring as a Colonel. He received his Doctor of Dental Medicine degree from the University of Louisville and his Bachelor’s from Thomas More College. In 2013, USA Today featured Caldon as one of America’s Premier Dentists.

The entire article can be found here http://www.highpeaksdental.com/blog/how-to-beat-secret-tooth-sensitivity-culprits.php

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Specializing in patient comfort, High Peaks Dental is the premier dental practice in Plattsburgh and northern New York regions. Owned by Dr. Michael O’Connor, D.D.S. and Dr. William Caldon, D.M.D., the practice has been making patients smile since 1978. With state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, the practice offers the highest quality care and level of service available. High Peaks Dental has been featured across numerous media outlets including NBC, ABC, CBS, Reuters, FOX, and USA Today.


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