teeth-887338_640Patients Shocked to Discover the Truth About an Unnecessary Surgery

The majority of American adults have two things in common. First, they’d like avoid surgery. This is kind of a no-brainer. And unfortunately there is one surgery that people think is necessary, and it really isn’t.

And that surgery is for the second thing that most American adults have in common — gum disease. In fact, at least 60% of us have periodontitis, another term for gum disease.

Surgery used to be the “go to solution” for gum disease, so understandably people wanted to avoid or deny any possibility of gum disease to begin with.

But here’s the TRUTH:

You Don’t Need Surgery for Gum Disease

We’ll get to the newer and more effective treatment below, but first let’s be clear on what gum disease can really affect because most avoid talking about it so much that it can often be misrepresented when people actually do refer to it.

Gum disease can progress to bone and tooth loss and at advanced stages, to other systemic health issues, like stroke, heart disease, premature birth and diabetes complications. One specific type of gum disease, as mentioned above, is periodontitis. This is a serious gum infection that damages the soft tissue and destroys the bone that supports your teeth.

So what are the signs & symptoms of gum disease?

If you notice any of these symptoms, ask your dentist to check your gums at your next appointment at High Peaks Dental in Plattsburgh:

-Blood on your toothbrush or dental floss

-Receding gums or seeing new spaces between your teeth when you smile

-Loose adult teeth without a known injury

-Puffy, red, irritated gums

-Persistent bad breath

-A change in your bite (the way your teeth fit together)

So when we tell patients they don’t actually need surgery to take care of the gum disease, the next step is to look at what can actually help them.

And this option is:

Laser Treatment for Gum Disease

Most patients with gum disease in the past (and even now) would avoid seeking treatment because of fear and anxiety about pain and recovery. The good news is that now we can treat gum disease without going under the knife for dental surgery. At our dental office in Plattsburgh, we offer an FDA approved laser alternative to treat our patients’ gums with less bleeding, less pain and less recovery time than other options.

The laser treats the gums without cutting and can spot treat only the infected areas, preserving healthy gum tissue. The laser also heals as it treats and stimulates bone growth. Patients typically experience very little pain and bleeding and can resume work and daily activities right away.

Gum health is important to your overall health. For more information on how laser periodontal therapy works, just set an appointment with our office and we’re glad to help. And we promise, it’s not a trick—we really have a better option for you than surgery!


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