pain-1164308_640-300x225Unfortunately, it happens to most of us eventually. If you trip and fall, bite down on something you shouldn’t or get hit in the mouth, you may find yourself with an unsightly chip in your smile. As we age and our tooth enamel wears away, it becomes easier and easier to chip or break a tooth. Even a slight impact
at the right angle can chip a tooth – like biting down on your fork. The good news is that we can almost always return your smile to normal.

Should you call a dentist?

If you injure a tooth, give us a call and come in right away for an exam. There are degrees of severity for a chipped tooth and we can evaluate the best treatment. The chip may just be the external enamel, which is a cosmetic repair. For some, the tooth’s inner layer or the nerve chamber may be exposed. There may be a crack running through the tooth that isn’t causing problems now, but could in the future. For severe chips, X-rays may be needed to determine if there is damage to the root of the tooth. We’ll also check for signs of infection. An abscess may form after trauma to a tooth, and it is important to get treatment if that occurs.

What should you do in the meantime?

Avoid chewing hard food because that may cause more tooth to chip away. If it’s a large chip (or a whole tooth) and you have it, place it under your tongue and keep it there until you can get to a dentist. The saliva in your mouth may keep it healthy for reattachment, where we might bond the tooth back on and make it look natural again. If you don’t have the chip, don’t worry – most people don’t. We can match your teeth with high quality dental materials and it will be as good as new.


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